First Responder Course

This course is designed to provide the trainee with elaborate knowledge about many basic life support techniques as well as detailed instruction regarding CPR, First Aid, and a variety of other medical topics. This is a long class that will occur over a few training sessions.

This course is appropriate for businesses such as factories, plants, hardware stores, construction sites, or other work places that may be prone to accidents and employee injuries. This course will train the individual to utilize more advanced first aid techniques during emergencies. The first responder will learn how to splint, administer oxygen, immobilize a patient for head/neck/back injuries, and treat all types of shock that may occur following traumatic injuries.

This course can be tailored to the needs of the company and will focus on the types of injuries that are most common to the particular workplace.

Suggested time: 24 hours over multiple sessions

Dates: Scheduled upon request

Tuition: $75. per student ($65. for 30 or more students)

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